Suite for Solo Cello
For Solo Cello
10 minutes

Published by ISG Publications.

This work has five short movements loosely forming the structure of a baroque "dance" suite. The first movement is a "prelude" consisting of two contrasting themes both built on the same motif; the first is songful, the second dance-like. The second movement, in the style of an allemande, continues to develope the gesture of the first movement. The third is essentially a scherzo and trio; the trio extends and expands on the first movement's "song" theme. The fourth serves the function of a sarabande and exploits the expressiveness of the cello's high tenor range. And finally, the gigue-like fifth movement brings the piece to conclusion, relating back to the first movement's dance gestures in its working out.

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4Tay CD4020

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Poco allegro, preciso