A Game of Go

Quatro Mani, Susan Grace and Alice Ryback, piano duo

CD featuring Haskell Small's A Game of Go for two pianos

Program also includes music by Dello Joio, Corigliano, Poulenc, Copland, Rzewski and Lutoslawski.

Track Listing

1. Aria and Toccata for 2 pianos
2. Kaleidoscope for Two Pianos
3. Sonata for 2 pianos, FP 156
4. Danza de Jalisco, for 2 pianos (arr. of No. 3 of Latin American Sketches)
5. A Game of Go for 2 pianos
6. Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues for 2 pianos
7. Variations on a theme of Paganini, for 2 pianos
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Released November 1, 2000
Klavier, K11106