Once Upon a Time

Children's Tales for Piano and Narrator

Children's tales for piano and narrator with pianist Haskell Small and narrator Robert Aubry Davis.

Program includes Francis Poulenc's The Story of Babar, Richard Wilson's A Child's London, Soulima Stravinsky's Three Fairy Tales and Henry Barraud Histoires pour les Enfants.

Track Listing

1. Poulenc: The Story of Babar
2. Wilson: London Bus
3. Wilson: Primrose Hill Park
4. Wilson: On Regent's Canal
5. Wilson: Mrs. Orang-outang
6. Wilson: Costumes at the Victoria and Albert
7. Wilson: Roundabout
8. Soulima Stravinsky: Cinderella
9. Soulima Stravinsky: Jack and the Beanstalk
10. Soulima Stravinsky: Sleeping Beauty
11. Barraud: Au pays d'Eldorado
12. Barraud: Le camp des Nyam-Nyams
13. Barraud: La Princesse au Balcon
14. Barraud: Le Clavecin du Capitaine Panphile
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Released January 11, 2000
Ongaku Records 024-114