Symphony for Solo Piano

Program includes Haskell Small's Symphony for Solo Piano, Sonata No. 3, Three Impressions, Introduction and Fugue and Sixty-Second Puzzle.

Tim Page of the Washington Post called the Symphony for Solo Piano, "A serious and substantial composition that deserves a permanent place in the keyboard repertory."

Track Listing

1. Symphony for Solo Piano: Lento mesto, Allegro energico
2. Symphony for Solo Piano: Allegro commodo
3. Symphony for Solo Piano: Adagio sostenuto, Ritmico
4. Symphony for Solo Piano: Allegro molto scerzando
5. Symphony for Solo Piano: Molto sostenuto
6. Symphony for Solo Piano: Allegro non troppo
7. Sonata No. 3: Allegro non troppo
8. Sonata No. 3: Allegro energico
9. Sonata No. 3: Mesto
10. Three Impressions: Andantino
11. Three Impressions: Misterioso
12. Three Impressions: Gioioso
13. Introduction and Fugue: Introduction
14. Introduction and Fugue: Fugue
15. Sixty-Second Puzzle
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Released November 28, 2000
Albany Records - Troy 413