Federico Mompou: Musica Callada

It is rather difficult to translate and explain the real meaning of "Música Callada" in any language other than Spanish. The great mystic poet San Juan de la Cruz speaks in one of his beautiful poems: "La Música Callada, la Soledad Sonora" [Silent Music, Resonant Solitude] seeking thus to express the idea of a music that would be the very voice of silence. Music retaining for itself its quiet voice, that is, remaining silent while solitude becomes its own music.

Track Listing

I. Angelico
II. Lent
III. Placide
IV. Afflitto e penoso
V. Legato metallico
VI. Lento molto cantabile
VII. Lento profond
VIII. Semplice
IX. Lento
X. Lento - cantabile
XI. Allegretto
XII. Lento
XIII. Tranquilo - très calme
XIV. Severo - sérieux
XV. Lento - plaintif
XVI. Calme
XVII. Lento
XVIII. Luminoso
XIX. Tranquilo
XX. Calme
XXI. Lento
XXII. Molto lento e tranquilo
XXIII. Calme, avec clarté
XXIV. Moderato
XXV. Lento molto
XXVI. Lento
XXVII. Lento molto
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Released September 23, 2008
MSR Classics MS1282