Lullaby of War

American composer Haskell Small ‘has a rich imagination as a composer and an assured mastery of forms. Highly original without being self-consciously modernistic, this music has a sense of traditional structures and values without losing sight of its own era; it is inventive and accessible’ (The Washington Post). His Naxos début disc brings together three of Haskell’s finest works: Lullaby of War, commissioned by acclaimed pianist Soheil Nasseri; Renoir’s Feast, a commission by The Phillips Collection to celebrate the return of their beloved painting, Luncheon of the Boating Party; and Three Etudes in Sound, which explore the piano’s ‘color and sound control’.

Track Listing

1. Lullaby of War: I. War is Kind
2. Lullaby of War: II. No
3. Lullaby of War: III. Recitative (excerpts)
4. Lullaby of War: IV. Naming Souls
5. Lullaby of War: V. Look Down, Fair Moon
6. Lullaby of War: VI. Guernica Pantoum
7. Renoir's Feast: I. The River
8. Renoir's Feast: II. Alphonse Fournaise
9. Renoir's Feast: III. The River
10. Renoir's Feast: IV. Charles Ephrussi
11. Renoir's Feast: V. Jules Laforgue
12. Renoir's Feast: VI. The River
13. Renoir's Feast: VII. Jeanne Samary, Paul Lhote and Eugene-Pierre Lestringuez
14. Renoir's Feast: VIII. Renoir
15. Renoir's Feast: IX. Ellen Andree
16. Renoir's Feast: X. The River
17. Renoir's Feast: XI. Baron Raoul Barbier and Alphonsine Fournaise
18. Renoir's Feast: XII. The River
19. Renoir's Feast: XIII. Maggiolo, Angele And Gustave Caillebotte
20. Renoir's Feast: XIV. Aline Charigot and her dog
21. Renoir's Feast: XV. The Party
22. Renoir's Feast: XVI. The River
23. 3 Etudes in Sound: No. 1. Sound Layers
24. 3 Etudes in Sound: No. 2. Sound Swirls and Spikes
25. 3 Etudes in Sound: No. 3. Sound Sustained
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Released May 31, 2011
Naxos American 8.559649