Orchestral works

For Bassoon, Piano and Orchestra

Double Concerto (2003)
Premiered June 2 and 9, 2003 by the Mount Vernon Orchestra.
16 minutes

For Narrator and Orchestra

Fantasy of the Red-Eyed Creature (2001)
Premiered by the Mount Vernon Orchestra as part of an American Composers’ Forum grant.
15 minutes

For Orchestra

Really? An Orchestral Suite (2002)
5 movements premiered accumalatively on each of 5 concert pairs on the Mount Vernon Orchestra's 2001-2002 series.
11 minutes

For Piano and Orchestra

Concertino (1978)
Performed in Carnegie Hall in 1982.
10 minutes

For Piano and String Orchestra

Transcribed for Orchestra

Scraps (2006)
12 very little pieces of blues and jazz. Written for Dutch pianist Marcel Worms for his multi-national "Blues Project". Published by PeerMusic Classical.
3 minutes

Piano works

For Narrator and Piano

Lullaby of War (2007)
Commissioned by 21st Century Classical. Premieres in New York and Berlin by pianist Soheil Nasseri. Subsequent performances in Poland and Washington DC by the composer. Settings of 6 war poems.
28 minutes

For Solo Piano

Story of the Haunted Child (2019)
17 minutes
Mystic Child (2017)
26 minutes
A Journey in Silence: Reflections on the Book of Hours (2015)
Premiered at the Washington Conservatory on May 16, 2015
31 minutes
For Lucia (2015, 2016) (2015)
Written for Lucia Leith, a gift for her years of dedicated service to the Washington Conservatory of Music.
7-8 minutes
A Glimpse of Silence (2013)
Premiered at the Washington Conservatory of Music on May 4, 2013
8 minutes
The Rothko Room: Journeys in Silence (2011)
A musical realization of the paintings in the Rothko Room at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.
27 minutes
Visions of Childhood (2011)
Inspired by Schumann's Kinderscenen, a 10-part piece for adults looking back on their childhood. Premiered at the Washington Conservatory of Music on May 12, 2012.
14 minutes
Altercations (A Chaconne) (2009)
A short, feisty theme with 26 short variations plus a coda. Premiered at the Washington Conservatory of Music on May 16, 2009.
5 minutes
Renoir's Feast (2006)
Commissioned by The Phillips Collection and premiered at The Phillips in April 2006. Published by PeerMusic Classical.
30 minutes
Scraps (2006)
12 very little pieces of blues and jazz. Written for Dutch pianist Marcel Worms for his multi-national "Blues Project". Published by PeerMusic Classical.
3 minutes
Symphony for Solo Piano (1997)
Modified version used as music for "Subterranean", a ballet choreographed by Lynn Cote and performed live by Haskell Small on the Washington Ballet's 1997 Winter Series at the Kennedy Center.
33 minutes
Sixty-Second Puzzle (1996)
1 minute
Three Etudes in Sound (1993)
Premiered at the Austrian Embassy on Mar. 24, 1993.
7 minutes
Sonata No. 4 (1985)
Commissioned by the La Gesse Foundation and premiered in the Kennedy Center on Nov. 17, 1985.
9 minutes
Twenty-Five Preludes (1984)
Premiered in Frankfurt in Jan. 1985.
28 minutes
Sonata No. 3 (1982)
Commissioned by the Washington Performing Arts Society and premiered in the Kennedy Center in 1983.
13 minutes
Three Impressions (1979)
Published by Elkan-Vogel, Inc.
3 minutes
Fantasy-Variations on the Theme of the Little Drummer Boy (1971)
Revised 1993 for the Great Falls Concert Series Christmas Concert.
6 minutes

For Two Pianos

A Game of Go (1987)
Premiered at the 3rd U.S. Go Congress, summer, 1987; featured on NPR's "All Things Considered", Mar. 6, 1988.
10 minutes

Chamber works

For 2 Violins, 2 Cellos and Clarinet (alt. Bass Clarinet)

The Golden Spear and Silent Prayer (2015)
Two works created for The Interior Castle, a mixed-media theater production by Musica Aperta ( to be premiered on May 29th at St. Ignatius Church; Boston College with subsequent performances in a number of U.S. cities.
7-12 minutes

For Bassoon and Piano

Six Miniatures (1994)
Commissioned by Shigeru Ota and premiered in Tokyo on Oct. 3, 1995.
11 minutes

For Flute and Piano

Sonatina (2012)
Written for flutist David Lonkevich and premiered at the Washington Conservatory of Music on November 3, 2012 as a two movement work. A middle slow version was added later, creating a 3 movement version.
11 minutes

For Flute and Violin

Phoenix (1986)
Commissioned by Summer Serenades and premiered at the Strathmore Arts Center, summer 1986. Published by Brixton Publications. Also available for cello and flute.
10 minutes

For Flute, Bassoon and Piano

Fugue and Postlude (1987)
Fugue (1987) and Postlude (1995). Premiered in Tokyo, Oct. 3, 1995.
6 minutes

For Flute, Cello and Piano

Trio (1984)
Premiered by the Nanzetta Trio in 1984. Choreographed as "Shikar" by Lynn Cote for the Washington Ballet's 1994 fall series.
10 minutes

For Flute, Clarinet, Cello and Piano

12 Snippets (1999)
Premiered in Spring of 2000 by the Associacion Decadence at the 2000 for 2000 Festival in Southern France.
2½ minutes

For Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Cello and Piano

Short Story (1980)
Commissioned by the Georgetown Symphony Orchestra.
11 minutes

For Piano Sextet

Suite for Strings and Piano Concertante (1990)
Commissioned by the Amadeus Orchestra and performed in Carnegie Hall in 1990.
15 minutes

For Solo Cello

Suite for Solo Cello (1978)
Published by ISG Publications.
10 minutes

For Soprano, clarinet, piano and narrator

Khojaly Lullaby (2017)
7 minutes

For Two Oboes

Tweet for Two (1998)
Premiered at the 1998 "Suite Treat" program in Wheaton, Md. on Feb. 28, 1998. Published by Brixton Publications.
5 minutes

Vocal works

For Chorus, Soloists, Brass and Piano

The Secular Masque (1983)
Commissioned by the Paul Hill Chorale and premiered in the Kennedy Center in 1983.
11 minutes

For Soprano and Piano

3 settings of Emily Dickinson poems (1999)
My Letter to the World, Surprise, and Wild Nights.
5 minutes
Love! (1979)
William Carmichael
1½ minutes
The Lost Self (1974)
Peter Viereck
1½ minutes
On the Beach at Fontana (1968)
James Joyce
2 minutes

For Soprano, French Horn and Piano

The Twisted Pine-Branch (1983)
Premiered in New York's Alice Tully Hall in 1983. Chinese poetry (in English).
7 minutes